Non Rental Gas Cylinders

Non Rental Gas

We supply ALbee rental free gas cylinders to suit your operational needs.

We are an ALbee Gas Cylinder reseller. The Cylinder Exchange Programme offered by ALbee simplifies replacing your gas cylinders. When a cylinder needs replacing, return it to us and purchase a refill cylinder.

That's it! No more rental fees, No more transaction charges.

No more regulator purchases! : Albee cylinders are fitted with a fully integrated MiniTOP. These are fully maintained at every exchange by Air Liquide. Each MiniTOP is fully checked and serviced ready for re-use.

Telephone : 0161 330 1671

Albee Gas Cylinder Details

  • 13.4 litre 300 bar gas cylinder
  • Equivalent gas capacity as a 20 litre 200 bar cylinder
  • Built-in MiniTOP regulator
  • Available in pure Argon and Argon CO2
  • Highly portable